I am so grateful for all you did for me. A few weeks ago you did excellent work for me. My bathroom floor had collapsed because of the bad work done by another firm that rebuilt it for me a few years ago. Every time I go in there now I feel I am using the bathroom in some posh hotel on holiday.
The floor is so strong now and the floor vinyl covering that I chose makes it look like solid brick tiles! The two strong grab rails that you attached to the tiles on the wall are so good for me I feel safe and not frightened of falling.
You are the best builders I have ever had.


I am very pleased with the way everything has turned out, and in particular the bathroom is just as I hoped it would be. Thank you also for all your helpful ideas and suggestions along the way and for keeping me updated about what was happening. It has meant a lot that I can go to work each day without having to worry about what is happening back at home, please also thank the lads, together you make a great team.


I had my roof replaced and Brian done a magnificent job: Very clean. Thank You.